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Best Skip Hire Solihull Service

Are you looking for the best skip hire services in Solihull? Skip Hire Solihull has been providing a high quality service for over 25 years. With our company, we will ensure you our excellence and honesty! Guaranteed! 

We have a wide range of experience in providing skip hire services and can handle all areas within Solihull City or County.

We ensure you that we will dispose of your rubbish which is environment friendlyBecause we know that like us, skip hire Solihull customers do their part in taking care of the environment.

When you choose Skip Hire Solihull, you can relax in the mind. Because we will dispose of your rubbish efficiently without getting you into too much trouble.

We offer a 24/7 service because we know that emergencies can happen at any time.

Choosing Skip Hire Solihull also means that you will get a well-trained and experienced team of professionals. They work to ensure you remove rubbish properly and efficiently all the time, whether it storms or shines. 

We have employed our staff members from the best of the best in the industry. So, you will get only the highest quality service possible at a competitive price.

Skip hire Solihull can handle any size of skip on your demand. If you need to remove a large or small quantity of rubbish, we are ready for anything!

Most people are confused about skip sizes to hire because extra skip space can increase the cost. So we offer our customers 2 yards to 40-yard skip on their demand. If you know the waste quantity, you can follow our skip size guide or, consult with us for more clarification.

So, have you considered Skip Hire Solihull to remove your rubbish without any hassle? Feel free to Leave a “REQUEST A QUOTE“. We’ll be happy to help!

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Skip Hire Solihull

Why Choose Skip Hire Solihull

expert in skip hire solihull

We’re Experts

We've been experts in waste removal for over 25 years. And we always have our commitment to the customer at the forefront of our professional agenda.

friendly in skip hire solihull

We are Friendly

Our technicians at Skip Hire Solihull are friendly, reliable, and dependent. They understand their customers' needs and only believe in offering quality work.

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We’re Accurate

We at Skip Hire Solihull hold a 25-year experience which suffices to say that we know our tools and work very well. We do not commit mistakes.

trusted in skip hire solihull

We’re Trusted

After such a long time in business, we are happy to have earned a reputation for reliably meeting customer needs.


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Skip Hire Sizes We Offer in Solihull

Wondering how much you can fit in the skip you need? We understand that sometimes it can be a headache to picture exactly how big a skip can be.

So, Skip Hire Solihull has been providing a wide range of sizes and designs suitable for different circumstances. Small or large quantities of waste, we’ve got the skip for you, from 2-yard to 40-yard skips. 

The following guide will help you what skips size you need.
3 yard Skip Hire solihull

2-Yard Mini Skip hire Solihull

2 Yard mini skips are suitable for small quantities of the garden, household waste, and homeowners. Each 2 yard mini skip takes up to 20 bin bags, perfect for most homeowners. The dimension is 5ft (1.52m) Long x 4ft (1.22m) Wide x 3ft (0.91m) High

3 yard Skip Hire solihull

3-Yard Mini Skip Hire Solihull

3-yard mini skip is ideal for small amounts of waste such as garden clean-up and kitchen and bathroom refitting. Each 3-yard skip takes up to 35 bin bags of waste. The dimension is 6ft (1.82m) Long x 4ft (1.22m) Wide x 3ft (0.91m) High.

3 yard Skip Hire solihull

4-yard midi skip hire Solihull

4 Yard Midi Skip is suitable for general waste, kitchen & bathroom clearances, and homeowners. Each midi skip takes up to 40 bin bags. The dimension is 7ft (L) x 5ft (W) x 3ft (H).

3 yard Skip Hire solihull

6-yard small builders skip hire Solihull

6-yard small builders skip is suitable for Tradespeople and builders. Each small builder skip takes up to 60 bin bags. The dimension is 10ft (2.29m) Long x 5ft (1.52m) Wide x 4ft (1.07m) High.

3 yard Skip Hire solihull

8-yard large builders skip hire Solihull

8-yard large builders’ skip Suitable for tradespeople, builders, and ideal for large jobs. Each large builder’s skip takes up to 80 bins bags. The dimension is 12ft (3.66m) Long x 6ft (1.83m) Wide x 4.5ft (1.37m) High.

3 yard Skip Hire solihull

10-Yard Skip Hire solihull

10-Yard maxi builders skip hire is suitable for tradespeople, and builders, only lightweight waste and house clearance. Each maxi skip takes up to 100 bin bags. The dimension is 12ft (3.66m) Long x 6ft (1.83m) Wide x 6ft (1.83m) High

3 yard Skip Hire solihull

12-Yard Skip hire solihull

12-Yard Maxi Builders Skip hire is suitable for large clearances, builders, and only lightweight waste, and building sites. Each 12-yard maxi skip takes up to 120 bin bags. The dimension is 13ft (3.96m) Long x 6ft (1.83m) Wide x 6.5ft (1.98m) High.

3 yard Skip Hire solihull

14 yard skip hire solihull

14 yard maxi skip Suitable for trade or commercial waste removal like shop fittings, green waste and light construction waste including wood, metal, and plastics. Each 14-yard skip maxi skip takes up to 140 bin bags. The dimension is 13.5ft (L) x 6ft (W) x 6ft (H).

3 yard Skip Hire solihull

16-Yard Skip hire solihull

16 yards maxi skip is suitable for large amounts of lightweight bulky waste like furniture, plastics, and packaging and commercial renovation projects, manufacturing, and construction projects. Each 16-yard maxi skip takes up to 160 bin bags. The dimension is 13ft (3.96m) Long x 6.5ft (1.98m) Wide x 6.5ft (1.98m) High.

3 yard Skip Hire solihull

18-Yard Skip Hire Solihull

18-Yard maxi Skip Hire is suitable for when you are undertaking a very large task, or you will carry out many multiple smaller projects at the same time. Each 18-yard skip takes up to 195 bin bags of waste. The dimension is 13.5ft (4.11m) Long x 6.5ft (1.98m) Wide x 7ft (2.13m) High.

Roll On Roll Off Skip Container in Solihull

20-Yard Skip hire solihull

20-yard roll-on roll-off skip hire is suitable for large amounts of construction sectors, commercial, industrial and business waste. Each 20-yard skip takes up to 220 bin bags of waste. The dimension is 20ft (6.10m) Long x 8ft (2.44m) Wide x 4ft (1.07m) High. Note: 20-yard to 40-yard skips’ uses are about the same but vary in size.

Roll On Roll Off Skip Container in Solihull

25-Yard skip

25-yard roll on roll off skip is suitable for construction, industrial, commercial, and business sector waste. Each 25 yard skip takes up to 275 bin bags of waste. The dimension is 20ft (6.10m) Long x 8ft (2.44m) Wide x 5ft (1.52m) High.

Roll On Roll Off Skip Container in Solihull

30-Yard Skip Hire Solihull

30-yard roll-on roll-off skip hire is suitable for construction, industrial, commercial, and business sectors. Each 30-yard skip takes up to 330 bin bags of waste. The dimension is 20ft (6.10m) Long x 8ft (2.44m) Wide x 6.5ft (1.98m) High.

Roll On Roll Off Skip Container in Solihull

40-Yard Skip Hire Solihull

40-yard roll-on roll-off skip hire is suitable for long-term waste management solutions for businesses that produce large waste quantities. Each 40-yard skip takes up to 440 bin bags of waste. The dimension is 20ft (2.29m) Long x 8ft (1.52m) Wide x 8.5ft (1.07m) High.

Lockable skip hire Solihull

Lockable skip hire Solihull- For Secure Waste Disposal

Lockable skips hire needs to protect your waste that could contain sensitive information. It may need to be sheltered in case things blow or react badly to rain. Moreover, It may also need perhaps you don’t want to add other people's waste to your skip. Lockable skip hire can solve all these problems. It is usually suitable for commercial waste management. Lockable skips hire usually come in different sizes depending on your need.

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Skip Hire Solihull FAQs - Answers to Your Top Questions

Skip hire Solihull can be an overwhelming prospect to the uninitiated. So here are some answers to your most burning questions to help you get started.

If you have lots of construction or renovation waste, skip hire is your best option.

Skips are large metal containers that are moved around by truck and collected every week.

They’re perfect for clearing out rubbish and debris quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

You can get a skip of any size, depending on how much waste you need to dispose of.

A small ‘1-2-3’ yard skip is ideal and cost-effective for smaller home projects.

Larger skips can be used for commercial tasks or large bulky waste.

If you’re not sure what size skip you need, you can follow our skip hire Solihull size guide that has been given above.

We strongly recommend that you don’t fill your skip beyond capacity.

Filling it too full will present problems for safe loading and transport.

Generally, most companies refuse to accept skips that have been overfilled.

If you overestimated the amount of waste you generated, you may want to get an additional skip.

Our skips can be placed on private land with permission from property owners.

If you wish to do so, contact your local council and they will provide you with a free license.

When placing your skip, it’s vital that you abide by safety guidelines and regulations set out by your local council.

As a rule of thumb, you can’t put anything in your skip that shouldn’t be thrown in a standard household waste bin.

This means that unless your skip is large enough for these items, they must be disposed of properly instead.

These include tyres, radioactive materials, aerosols, toxic liquids and chemicals, and asbestos.

For more information on what not to put in your skip in Solihull contact us now!

Depending on your circumstances, with skip hire Solihull you have three options when it comes to placing your skip:

  1. The driveway,
  2. Outside the house, or
  3. In the garden.

Some find themselves stuck with a less-than-ideal arrangement of their property.

If you have any queries about the placement of your skip, contact our team.

You can place a skip container on any public road or highway. But for that you need a skip permit from the local government of Solihull, West Midlands.

You do not require a permit if you place a skip on private lands, such as your driveway, property, or private road.

It depends on which area of Birmingham you’re in.

In Solihull, permits take between 3 and 5 days, which includes a couple of days for processing.

It’s best to apply at least a week before you need your skip so that your permit is received in time.

The answer is yes, you can hire skip sizes according to your need in Solihull to fit your budget and waste disposal needs.

If you know how much waste to dispose of, our advisors or given size guide will help you to choose your best requirements.

How long you can keep a skip that depends on a number of factors,

These factors include how much waste you’re producing, what type of skip you’ve ordered, and where it is positioned.

Contact us today for more information. We can guide you through what sort of skip you need and ensure it meets your requirements.

Simply give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment.

No need for you to do anything else.

Just keep your skip accessible and we will take care of everything else.

Don’t worry about that. When your bins are emptied, Waste Collection services will get rid of them safely and responsibly.

They’ll be recycled or disposed of, depending on what kind of waste it is.

Don’t panic—your waste won’t cause any damage or harm if it gets into the wrong hands.

We just want you to know how your rubbish will be taken care of!

If you have a 3.5m width driveway and your skip is 7ft wide or smaller, it should fit fine.

For larger skips, if you have a double driveway with plenty of space for access, we can fit up to a 14ft skip on your driveways.

Please note that any vehicles parked nearby will need to be moved if possible.

So there is enough space for us to deliver and pick up your skip hire Solihull service.

With Solihull skip hire, you can place anything given below.

Wood, tiles, plaster, furniture, paper, cardboard, garden waste, clothes, brick, concrete, metals, pottery, clay, rubble, and stones.

Some items you cannot put in a skip hire Solihull.

They include TVs, computers, asbestos, tires, fluorescent tubes, fridges, paint, plasterboard, batteries, medical waste, gas cylinders, liquids, solvents, oil, petrol, diesel, and explosives.

If you think someone else is making use of your skip hire, you should report to the local authority.

It is your responsibility.

We have fill lines on all of our skips in Solihull. If the waste goes above this line, the skip is overfilled.

Skip hire Solihull will advise customers not to fill their skip too high so as to avoid overflowing it.

surprisingly, waste removal with the help of a skip hire service is an often environmentally friendly waste disposal solution.

Skip firms typically pursue an 80% or higher waste recycling rate.

And other skip firms have been recorded with 90% recycling rates.

After your skip has been collected, it is emptied and sorted into piles of recycling materials.

This reduces the amount of waste sent to the landfill, which ensures that you are able to enjoy cheap skip hire services.

The non-recyclable trash is often burned for energy.

In order to accommodate deliveries and pickups, skip trucks need to access the property for the purposes of drop-off and removal.

Many residential areas are restricted by truck width and height.

So, your providers will need to keep this in mind at the time of booking.

When the lorry arrives at your property, the skip will be unloaded at your preferred location.

There should be enough space in front of the destination.

Because the lorry needs to be positioned before the skip can be loaded or unloaded.

If you are opting for the self-loading and/or Roll-on Roll-off system, even more access will be needed at the front and back of the truck.

Your skip provider will be able to provide more guidance based on your chosen skip size.

According to general practice, your chosen location should be at least 2.75 meters wide (9 feet).

Skip lorries can weigh more than 8 tonnes.

So the ground needs to be sturdy and able to hold up under pressure.

A skip hire process is straightforward and relatively simple: simply fill out the quote form with your local rates in mind.

Once you’ve settled on a fair quote, it’s time to make a booking.

Generally, we will deliver within 24 to 48 hours of ordering or it can be the same day.

Additionally, you can choose to have the skip delivered on a specified date.

Once your skip is full, you will contact your skip provider and coordinate with them to schedule a pickup.

Pickups usually can be scheduled within 24-48 hours of notification. After the skip is removed, your waste will be sorted and recycled.

Skip hire Solihull is one of the most affordable and convenient waste removal solutions available in the UK.

There is a wide range of skips available to suit almost any job, big or small.

It is usually important for someone to be on hand for the arrival and removal of a skip.

At the time of delivery, your skip provider will outline the rules and regulations, as well as health and safety information, with you.

As well, you will need to be there to make sure the message is placed in the correct location.

It is crucial that when your skip is collected, the driver should be aware of what sort of rubbish is in your skip.

For this reason, it is generally a good idea that you are present when the skip is collected.